California Chalet & Touring Park

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Fishing at California Park 

Fishing Ticket Prices 2019

Adult - Day Season = £66.00 per rod

Concession (Juniors/Students/OAP) - Day Season = £48.00 per rod


Adult - Day = £20.00 per rod

Concession - Day = £5.00 per rod

Adult 1/2 Day = 3.00

Concession 1/2 Day = £1.50

Fishing tickets can be obtained from the car park ticket machine on the other side of the lake - prices as above. The day ticket entitles you to fish from 7-00am to dusk. If you want to fish at night then you have to purchase a 1-week ticket.


Daytime Fishing Rules

1. Barbless or crimped hooks only to be used on the fishery.

2. No night fishing except for Specimen Group Members (details of which can be obtained through the Country Park Office).

3. No live bait fish to be used.

4. No person is permitted to fish without a valid ticket or permit.

5. Tickets and permits are not transferable. Junior (under 16 years), senior citizens, students and the unemployed are eligible for concession rates.

6. No fish what so ever are to be killed or taken away from the Country Park.

7. No fishing under any circumstances during the close season, which is midnight 14th March to midnight 15th June inclusive.

8. Day fishing starts at 07:00hrs and finishes at dusk. Precise times will be posted on site notice boards, notifying day anglers of when a swim can be occupied and when it should be vacated.

9. No fires to be lit.

10. No litter or discarded fishing tackle of any description to be left on the banks because of the danger to wildlife. Anglers are responsible for litter or discarded fishing tackle of any description found within 2 meters of their swims. Litter must be removed from site and not left in dog poo bins.

11. No nut baits to be used.

12. The cutting down, damaging and removal of foliage, plants etc, is strictly forbidden.

13. No person is permitted to fish from a boat of any kind. No swimming is allowed in the lake.

14. No fish are to be introduced from other waters.

15. No radio controlled craft to be used on the fishery.

16. Fish must be returned to the water as soon as possible after landing. No sacking of fish.

17. Anglers should observe the Environmental Agency By-Laws. A copy is available for inspection from the countryside service office.

18. Fishing is permitted on pegged swims only.

19. The use of electronic fish-finding equipment is prohibited.

20. No pre-baiting within two swims of another angler or directly opposite without the anglers consent.

21. No reserving of swims except through the countryside service for the purpose of organized matches.

22. Fishing is not permitted on, or in the vicinity of the paved frontage.

Night Fishing Rules

1. Night fishing is only permitted by the purchase of a 1 night guest ticket as a customer of California Chalet & Touring Park. Valid for 24 hours from the date of purchase.

2. Anyone under the age of 16 must be accompanied at all times by a responsible adult.

3. All of the Country Park Rules and those of the Environment Agency will be upheld at all times. Any guest who brakes these rules will have their night permit immediately withdrawn.

4. All guests will make every effort to minimise disturbance on arrival, departure and whilst fishing. Lights must be used as little as possible and should be small and unobstructed.

5. Permits will only be issued after the holder has read and agreed a copy of the Country Park Fishing Rules. All night season permit holders have authority and may challenge any person fishing whom they suspect does not hold a valid ticket, unauthorised persons are not allowed on the fishery at night.

6. Permits will be carried at all times when fishing and must be produced at the request of the Country Park Staff or other night permit holders.

7. The decision of Wokingham Borough Council and its representatives is final.

8. Waders are to be used only for landing fish.


The Countryside Service is committed to ensuring that all of our customers have a pleasant visit. Whilst poor behaviour by anglers is an infrequent occurrence, we do take a strong stance on the issue. We ask that all anglers act not only within the rules but also in the spirit or fair play and respect for others.