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Camping Pods

Camping Pods

These wonderfully hand crafted, secure and fully insulated luxury pods will be available in an array of sizes, suitable for singles, couples or families alike. 

What is a Camping Pod?

It’s a beautiful, natural, well-built, insulated, secure wooden camping hut that provides basic accommodation in place of a tent. It’s also 100% carbon neutral.  Pods are insulated with sheep's wool and have a special designed foil material to help regulate summer and winter temperatures along with roofing tiles that are designed with a noise reducing material within them, cutting down the noise of heavy rain.

Pods are an ideal getaway especially for those who wish to travel light.

What’s in our Pods?

Small fridge, microwave, kettle, toaster and TV. Roller blind or curtain to the entrance door, door mats, carpet or laminate, electric heater, an electric socket, and lights for all year round comfort.

All pods have different variations of beds and we will help you to decide the most suitable for your stay.

The pod has lockable French doors for added security and a small window at the back of the pod to help ventilate and give a through draught on hot summer days. Both are double-glazed to reduce condensation and provide sound insulation. 

Benefits of a Pod
  • Already set up for when you arrive, giving a stress-free start to the holiday.
  • No lugging heavy gear about or hunting for a missing pole.
  • No time lost erecting or packing away a wet tent!
  • A Cosy dry and warm environment.
  • No tent flapping to keep you awake.
  • More private, safe and secure with a lockable door.
  • Insulated for both winter and summer months.
  • Well-ventilated for hot days.
  • Heat, light and a power point.
  • Decking for dining out on the warm sunny days.
  • Affordable accommodation in a wonderful countryside location.

Not permitted in a Pod 

Because of the risk of fire not only in the wooden pods but in the surrounding woodland we do not allow smoking, cooking of any kind, candles, joss sticks, fires or heaters (other than the one supplied), or anything that could burn, melt or start a fire. Smoking is not permitted in the Pods or on the Pod decking areas, nor is it permitted in the main building or under walkways.